Wadsworth Brothers is a residential construction company working in metropolitan Atlanta focusing on remodeling and renovations. Rick Wadsworth has been working for more than 20 years in metro Atlanta on 200 plus residential and light commercial construction projects. Projects have ranged from bathroom updates to second floor additions to whole house renovations.

This company is built on three primary principles:


    Using the Critical Path method of scheduling, the overall project schedule is determined prior to start of construction with each party involved having input in their component to determine the schedule. Long lead time items are placed in the schedule first with the start date set from those items. The schedule is monitored via the critical path. The project is monitored daily by on-site reports from subcontractors. The project schedule critical path is checked regularly against actual progress and updated to confirm timely completion. On-site meetings with the owner are established at project start. Frequency of meetings are set at this time to keep owner informed of progress during construction. The Owner is notified immediately of any significant change in schedule.

    Professional management means making the right decisions regarding the most effective way to solve a homeowners problem with their current living space. It also means that the contractor will guide the homeowner through the process and that the quality of the materials and subcontractors has already been established, the new work will meet or exceed local building codes.


    Wadsworth Brothers works only with those subcontractors with a proven track record of providing quality workmanship and on-time performance. No detail is too small to be questioned. All work is to be laid out and approved prior to start with an approved time-line and materials to be used. No decisions are to be made ‘on the fly’ because everything is worked out in advance.

    Planning: Professional planning of a job upfront will prevent surprises during the process. This will keep the job price at the budget established, the pre-construction process flowing smoothly and the construction process moving as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Scheduling: Scheduling of the construction process upfront will allow the homeowner to know how long the process will take and if it is on schedule. It also will keep the construction process moving by allowing subcontractors to schedule their work in advance.

    Fixed Price Contract: The homeowner is guaranteed that the job will come in at that price. No add-ons, change orders or “We did not plan for that.”


    Knowing that communication is key to success of any construction project, Wadsworth Brothers is dedicated to open and easy communication. During construction, the homeowner will be constantly updated on the project status through, phone calls, e-mails and text messages

    Communication: Wadsworth Brothers’ commitment to communication is unmatched in the renovation industry. You will know what is happening at all times throughout the process. The method of communication is determined with you to ensure that it is the most effective.

Our Philosophy

At Wadsworth Brothers we are passionate about our work. Our goal is to make the changes to your house so that it can be the home you desire. We are a home renovation and rebuilding company working in and around Atlanta and Decatur. We are not distracted by other lines of business.

  • State Licensed Contractor

    The State of Georgia requires that any contractor doing work in excess of $2,500 on a home, must have a state issued Residential Contractors License. This license is required to obtain a building permit from any municipality in Georgia.

  • Insurance – Worker’s Compensation

    A contractor carrying Worker’s Compensation insurance will assume the liability for any worker or delivery person injured on the job site. If there is no Worker’s Compensation insurance, then the liability falls back to the homeowner.

  • Insurance – Liability

    A contractor carrying liability insurance will assume responsibility for damaged caused or injury that occurs as a result of the renovation process. Without liability insurance, that responsibility falls back to the homeowner.