• Step One

    In-Home Consultation

    Following a brief telephone interview, a meeting at your home will be scheduled to discuss your needs and desires. At this meeting, possible design solutions are discussed along with budget expectations and construction time frames.

  • Step Two

    Budget Range and Scope of Work Proposal

    The next meeting will take place approximately one week after the initial meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to present a realistic budget range for your project with a detailed scope of work. We will use detailed information gathered from similar projects to set the budget range.

  • Step Three

    Development Process: Design Agreement

    If an Architect or Designer is required, then a design agreement is signed that spells out the costs of the design work and the program for the design. Our partners develop a design that meets your needs and desires, while keeping an eye on the budget. (Some projects do not require an Architect or Designer.) Zoning and code requirements are researched for your specific property and project. An investment in your project begins at this point as a fee is paid to cover the design service cost

    (No Design Work Required? Then the process starts below.)

  • Step Four

    Project Development and Pricing

    You will be guided through the decisions for all finishes and selections for your project. (We take as much time as is needed to take you through this process. It is most important that you end up with the home that you desire, not that the design development process happen quickly.) The design and scope of work is finalized through meetings at material suppliers and vendor showrooms, in your home and wherever is necessary to be sure that no detail is overlooked and you are getting the home you desire. This design information is used to develop a scope of work for each of the trade contractors that will be needed for your project. An on-site meeting with each trade contractor is held to establish the exact price that is required to complete the work as specified. This pricing is used, along with the finish and selections information, to establish your exact price for construction. At the end of the Preliminary Design Phase, you will be presented with a detailed project specification proposal including a guaranteed construction price and a guaranteed construction schedule.

    Wadsworth Brothers’ commitment is to provide you with a professional project that is designed to meet your needs and desires. It is our expectation to work with you through the end of a completed and satisfactory construction process. Your commitment to Wadsworth Brothers up to this point is limited to the costs of design and planning completed through the Design Phase.

  • Step Five

    Construction Process: Construction Agreement:

    A construction contract is presented at this time. It is based on the detailed scope of work and pricing developed during the Design Phase. The signing of the construction contract and paying a deposit starts the construction phase. The variance process is started, if needed. Construction and permitting documents are produced at this time. The Building Permit process is started, a construction start date is established and a pre-construction meeting is set.

  • Step Six

    Pre-Construction Meeting

    The pre-construction meeting is held at your home. During this meeting we answer any questions about the construction process with emphasis on how your home will be maintained, cleaned and preserved during construction. Progress meetings, if necessary, will be set and communication methods will be established or confirmed.

  • Step Seven


    Wadsworth Brothers will complete your project in an as efficient manner as possible, without compromising quality. You will be updated regularly as to the progress of your renovation. It is not unusual during certain phases to be having daily conversations about the progress. Other times those conversations happen every few days. Most importantly, they happen as often as you want or need them to happen. The Architect or Designer, if involved in the design of your home, is involved in the construction process throughout. Invoices are presented or bank inspections requested during the construction process as spelled out in the Construction Contract.

  • Step Eight

    Completion and Warranty

    Your project is only complete when all open items are complete. Final payment is not requested until the project is signed off as finished and complete by you. Wadsworth Brothers warranties all work for one year on all labor and materials. Manufacturer’s warranties may exceed that time.